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Flat Creek Watershed Improvement District Candidates for Board of Director

November 3, 2015 Election

Lance Ash
Lance is a native of Wyoming, has been a resident in Jackson since May of 2000, and has been a homeowner along Flat Creek since July of 2008. Lance is a Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer for First Interstate Bank since 2000, serves on the Community Resource Center Board of Directors since 2009, and presently serves on the Flat Creek Water Improvement District Board of Directors and is the Board’s Treasurer. Wintertime flooding of Flat Creek was the catalyst that prompted Lance to become involved in the formation of the Flat Creek Water Improvement District, and ultimately become a member of the District’s Board of Directors.
Sinclair Buckstaff, Jr.
Sandy is a 22-year resident of Jackson, a long-time property owner along Flat Creek, and a registered professional engineer with nearly 40 years of broad-based professional civil engineering experience. He and his family moved to Jackson in 1993 when he became the Town’s first on-staff Town Engineer. He served in that capacity from 1993-2000. During that time he wrote the funding grants and provided on-staff project management for the three thaw wells installed on Flat Creek as one of several measures intended to reduce the likelihood and severity of ice-jams caused by the formation of frazzle ice. Sandy was the sole author of the Town of Jackson Surface Water Drainage Infrastructure Master Plan.
Richard Lee Martin
Hello, I'm Rich Martin. I was born in Wyoming, moved to Jackson when I was eight years old and raised here. I have been married to my wife Cathy for 36 years we have four children, all raised in Jackson, and now have eleven grandchildren. I have been in the HVAC, gas, plumbing business for forty years. Currently I am serving as chairman on the LP Board for the state of Utah. I have had property bordering Flat Creek for 40 years. I enjoy the outdoors, rodeo and my family.
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